Wednesday, 30 November 2011

naps & pork pies

 Just a quick little post today! Im absolutely cream-crackered!- wow, never thought id say let alone type that ;). Work today was manic to say the least & i payed for a few nights bad sleep dearly with a nice 2 hour 'nap' earlier, im such a grandma. 

Today's illustration is something i did a couple of days ago, it was originally a head for a human body but i really wasn't feeling the end result so just left it as is. I tried to keep it a bit looser than my usual not sure how i feel about that, i love - to the point of over working,  lines.lines.lines.lines.many & thick. So this feels a little weird.

As iv said before its my work christmas party soon & the outfit is sorted, im still umming & ahhing about to heel or not to heel. Im 20 now, im in my twenties, no longer a teen, i am a grown up...and with this grown up age i feel its about time i get comfortable with heels, day & night both of which im uncomfortable in
I was thinking of theses asos wedges to be my 'yeah thats right im an adult, i wear heels comfortably but you know im happy with letting my winning personality win you over..not the shoes ;)' shoes:

I figure, yes, their not the prettiest or flashiest but i think i could actually walk in them, which, not gunna lie is important. I love wedges at the moment, something about massive heel-heels screams to dressy for me, wedge anyday. I think in my case simple might just be better, plus my dress is a bit on the special side. Still, perhaps iv got shoe-blindness & this is just a desperate cry for help! - let me know if it is, please!

Watching 'Kirsties Handmade Britian' im loving it! As an extremely strict veggie i find something really fascinating about learning how to make/cook meat, kinda of like when your afraid of sharks so you seek that knowledge out. Have to say pig's head meat, creepy
Hot chocolate now & back to bed for me. nightttt!


Tuesday, 29 November 2011


 I tried a few different combinations for this one & couldn't choose between most of them, these two were the ones i decided to upload anyway! I love me a little bit of animal heads on human bodies. I noticed..after uploading a bit of them arm is missing, oops! oh well this blog's still more about ideas than final images. 

Im literally in love with foxes lately, really fancy a pet one..i know, i know 'foxes aren't pets' but i watched a programme a while back about the fur trade & there are silver foxes that through the generations have become i wants one. badddd.  
Speaking of cute, anyone seen the advert for itv's 'worlds smallest pets' or something like that, its on tomorrow night im so excited! Bit of an animal obsessed day today. Im a huge Made In Chelsea fan & have never been all that inclined to watch The Only Way Is Essex but last night, more thanks to my boyfriend, i took the plunge and i have to say..i was right, definitely not for me although i did love 'mr darcy'. Iv also spent alot of time today feeding about a million pigeons on my windowsill. I love Brighton!


Monday, 28 November 2011


-All topshop!-
-the quality on my uploads is never the best...any advise would be much appreciated!im still very new to this :)

Iv only recently been able to buy topshop things & i have become a tad obsessed. These are just a few things iv got my eye on atm! How cute is the wishbone bracelet?& a good would almost be rude not too! I really love the cat hat..a little tacky but i think this does blur the line between absolutely hideous & ridiculously cute. Undecided but i do think its my new guilty pleasure! Think the cardigan is going to have to be mine, just looks so comfy and practical. This lipstick is the colour im thinking of for the christmas party, although im a little worried i might look a bit too gothic for my liking with my piercings.Not sure!- such a tough life.
2 posts in one day. Check me out, im on a roll ;)


oh you stud

bees bees bees, this is one i did earlier..little blue peter moment for you. Same kinda thing as normal, biro but with a floral pattern underneath instead of the usual watercolour.  Not sure how i feel without a big colour wash but i wanted an almost pattern feel to it.

These are my beautiful babes, black velvet & studs, im sure you all know them...and want them ;). Have to love a bit of topshop, im so terrified to over wear them though, iv heard they wear out quite quickly which isn't surprising seeing as their just slippers but id be crushed if and when they do! Wish i had bought two pairs really but they sold out so quickly :'(
Sorry for the crappy photo, really could use a new laptop..perhaps with a better camera ;).
Im having a bit of a clothes crisis today, its the work christmas party soon and although i think i know the dress im going for im undecided as to whether i can wear fur with it. Velvet & fur? Big yes or big no? & then theres the whole double velvet issue. I swear im velvet obsessed, its hard to see but im actually wearing it right now ;) £14.99 newlook, cheeeaaappp & with my 50% off a frigggggin steal!


Sunday, 27 November 2011

amy alden

So iv spent my sunday eating pringles, drinking tea, playing skyrim & watching fly away home!-um amazing. When i was younger i could never watch this, clearly the likes of fly away home is far to emotional for me...still more than worth it. Look how cute little Anna Paquin is! Who knew she'd grow up to be such a vixen eh? oh man i love true blood.

- fly away home photo is from & sookie is from wikipedia-

Anyway, iv uploaded two little illustrations i drew today. One clearly pug inspired (more for my boyfriend than me though- oops!) & the second is a twiggy inspired/mod illustration, i just couldn't help myself after watching quadrophenia the other day, its all so not my style but i sort of wish it was. mmm androgyny.


Saturday, 26 November 2011

lets get the ball rollllllllling

- Above image was my first draft idea for a header for this blog, it looked a bit too fussy so in the end lost out to the simpler mirror lions head image. In case anyone doesn't know what a 'dandy' is, this is my idea of one..with a lions head...subtle i know. The quality on my pictures aren't as great as id like them to be, i stupidly,well kind of, 'lost' my scanner so i'll have to make do with a camera for now! Most of my illustrations are done in either black fine liner or biro,depending on whats closest to hand normally. I also like to add watercolour to some, although im not that adept at that just yet. -

Im still trying to work out what to put in each post & links etc, il make sure their all up and running soon! I dont want the whole blog to be too serious and work focased, sometimes its nice to just add little musings and thoughts, aswell as just things i like in day to day life, so that will be coming soon.




After about a year or so or religiously reading blogs & being wowed i decided the only thing to do was make one for myself. Im using this blog as a way of getting the illustrations i draw out into the big bad world and see what happens. I'd love to draw something that someone stumbles across,likes & one day may get some kind of inspiration from. 

Disclaimer: Im more than happy for any of my images to be used,just give me a shout back and let me know please! Every image on this blog is freehand & drawn by me, then added too by photoshop ;), unless otherwise stated!