Friday, 30 December 2011


 pencil & watercolour

Two alternatives taken from my photo of a lucky pose of some baby antelope at the zoo. They were so cute! 
Its newyear tomorrow & i have no idea what to do! Brighton is soooo expensive on newyears..well expensive for a pauper like me anyway. I was spoilt living in cornwall, St.Ives was always good for some fun on the cheap.
I think it might have to be house party or two instead. Anyone have any big plans?


Thursday, 29 December 2011

works in progress

Merry Christmas! How was everyones? As you can see from above one of my lovely presents this year was a Cath Kidston sewing bow. LOVELY JUBLY! Cant wait to have a crack at some stitch work.  
Im moving back to cornwall soon, to save for my travelling adventures, 
so that means much more space & more time for some art!

For know here are some works in progress, once the scanner is set up i'll upload the finished things.

pen & watercolour 
pencil & watercolour
pen & watercolour


Thursday, 22 December 2011

have yourself a merry little christmas!

i wish i was here!

So its almost Christmas! 
I wont be posting anything over the next few days as im off with the fam & no internet!
But im blatz gunna take loadssss of photos! Hope everyone has a good christmas!


Monday, 19 December 2011

'its totes time for christmas'

Gosh guys its been a while more than awhile since i posted anything, let alone some illustrations! Iv been super busy with present hunting,work & family things but i promise more things are in the works! Iv found some amazing christmas deals & bits and bobs, so hold out just a tad longer. 


Made In Chelsea christmas special on Thursday! COULDNT BE MORE EXCITED. yeah
I was in Chelsea on Saturday...didn't see millie unfortunately, iv got such a girl crush! Did however see sinitta in waitrose..oh the glamours life. 


Tuesday, 6 December 2011

mulled cider

busy busy busy! Sorry its been awhile, iv had a hectic few days now! Today after a very hung over day of work im at home wrapped up in my massive fluffy dressing gown catching up with life & trying desperately to fight off the cold!

 photos: Amy Morrice

On Thursday i went to see 'Everytime I Die' with the boyf, had a pint thrown over my head..lost a little bit of my dignity(& eyeliner). The night did however get much better, i was lucky enough to find out that day that one of my favourite artists was playing for free at Green Door Store. The beauty in the photo above is YADi - 
- it was such a great night & she is so incredibly nice! 
Saturday was a bit of a pub crawl, £3 mulled cider..banginnnnn'
Last night was the work party..interesting to say the least, got way too drunk..again.
I didn't end up going for the wedges ( i was too lazy & couldn't be bothered to order in time!) i did however buy some black heel/boots from work. Didn't wear them though..again FAR TOO LAZY. Opted for my wine coloured skater dress from topshop and studded wonders with a dark lipstick. 

This dress only in a wine kinda colour..sold out now! :


Im gunna crawl back into bed, maybe with a domino's ;), & play some minecraft. 
Oh my glamorous, thrilling life! 
More illustrations soon