Tuesday, 6 December 2011

mulled cider

busy busy busy! Sorry its been awhile, iv had a hectic few days now! Today after a very hung over day of work im at home wrapped up in my massive fluffy dressing gown catching up with life & trying desperately to fight off the cold!

 photos: Amy Morrice

On Thursday i went to see 'Everytime I Die' with the boyf, had a pint thrown over my head..lost a little bit of my dignity(& eyeliner). The night did however get much better, i was lucky enough to find out that day that one of my favourite artists was playing for free at Green Door Store. The beauty in the photo above is YADi - 
- it was such a great night & she is so incredibly nice! 
Saturday was a bit of a pub crawl, £3 mulled cider..banginnnnn'
Last night was the work party..interesting to say the least, got way too drunk..again.
I didn't end up going for the wedges ( i was too lazy & couldn't be bothered to order in time!) i did however buy some black heel/boots from work. Didn't wear them though..again FAR TOO LAZY. Opted for my wine coloured skater dress from topshop and studded wonders with a dark lipstick. 

This dress only in a wine kinda colour..sold out now! :


Im gunna crawl back into bed, maybe with a domino's ;), & play some minecraft. 
Oh my glamorous, thrilling life! 
More illustrations soon



  1. I love that dress, shame it's sold out in the colour you like :( x

  2. Love this dress in nude far better than in black! looks so delicate and pretty:)