Wednesday, 30 November 2011

naps & pork pies

 Just a quick little post today! Im absolutely cream-crackered!- wow, never thought id say let alone type that ;). Work today was manic to say the least & i payed for a few nights bad sleep dearly with a nice 2 hour 'nap' earlier, im such a grandma. 

Today's illustration is something i did a couple of days ago, it was originally a head for a human body but i really wasn't feeling the end result so just left it as is. I tried to keep it a bit looser than my usual not sure how i feel about that, i love - to the point of over working,  lines.lines.lines.lines.many & thick. So this feels a little weird.

As iv said before its my work christmas party soon & the outfit is sorted, im still umming & ahhing about to heel or not to heel. Im 20 now, im in my twenties, no longer a teen, i am a grown up...and with this grown up age i feel its about time i get comfortable with heels, day & night both of which im uncomfortable in
I was thinking of theses asos wedges to be my 'yeah thats right im an adult, i wear heels comfortably but you know im happy with letting my winning personality win you over..not the shoes ;)' shoes:

I figure, yes, their not the prettiest or flashiest but i think i could actually walk in them, which, not gunna lie is important. I love wedges at the moment, something about massive heel-heels screams to dressy for me, wedge anyday. I think in my case simple might just be better, plus my dress is a bit on the special side. Still, perhaps iv got shoe-blindness & this is just a desperate cry for help! - let me know if it is, please!

Watching 'Kirsties Handmade Britian' im loving it! As an extremely strict veggie i find something really fascinating about learning how to make/cook meat, kinda of like when your afraid of sharks so you seek that knowledge out. Have to say pig's head meat, creepy
Hot chocolate now & back to bed for me. nightttt!



  1. I really like the wedges, they look like they'd be comfy too x

  2. Great wedges! I really love wedges in general, they are so much easier to walk in and go with everything. Can't beat that :)