Tuesday, 29 November 2011


 I tried a few different combinations for this one & couldn't choose between most of them, these two were the ones i decided to upload anyway! I love me a little bit of animal heads on human bodies. I noticed..after uploading a bit of them arm is missing, oops! oh well this blog's still more about ideas than final images. 

Im literally in love with foxes lately, really fancy a pet one..i know, i know 'foxes aren't pets' but i watched a programme a while back about the fur trade & there are silver foxes that through the generations have become i wants one. badddd.  
Speaking of cute, anyone seen the advert for itv's 'worlds smallest pets' or something like that, its on tomorrow night im so excited! Bit of an animal obsessed day today. Im a huge Made In Chelsea fan & have never been all that inclined to watch The Only Way Is Essex but last night, more thanks to my boyfriend, i took the plunge and i have to say..i was right, definitely not for me although i did love 'mr darcy'. Iv also spent alot of time today feeding about a million pigeons on my windowsill. I love Brighton!


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