Monday, 28 November 2011


-All topshop!-
-the quality on my uploads is never the best...any advise would be much appreciated!im still very new to this :)

Iv only recently been able to buy topshop things & i have become a tad obsessed. These are just a few things iv got my eye on atm! How cute is the wishbone bracelet?& a good would almost be rude not too! I really love the cat hat..a little tacky but i think this does blur the line between absolutely hideous & ridiculously cute. Undecided but i do think its my new guilty pleasure! Think the cardigan is going to have to be mine, just looks so comfy and practical. This lipstick is the colour im thinking of for the christmas party, although im a little worried i might look a bit too gothic for my liking with my piercings.Not sure!- such a tough life.
2 posts in one day. Check me out, im on a roll ;)


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  1. Love this dress so lovely
    nice blog
    You Know You Love Fashion
    Virginie Savage