Sunday, 27 November 2011

amy alden

So iv spent my sunday eating pringles, drinking tea, playing skyrim & watching fly away home!-um amazing. When i was younger i could never watch this, clearly the likes of fly away home is far to emotional for me...still more than worth it. Look how cute little Anna Paquin is! Who knew she'd grow up to be such a vixen eh? oh man i love true blood.

- fly away home photo is from & sookie is from wikipedia-

Anyway, iv uploaded two little illustrations i drew today. One clearly pug inspired (more for my boyfriend than me though- oops!) & the second is a twiggy inspired/mod illustration, i just couldn't help myself after watching quadrophenia the other day, its all so not my style but i sort of wish it was. mmm androgyny.



  1. i had a go on my boyfriend's PS3 on skyrim, and now i am obsessed! i don't think i play it right, but its so addictive! :') xo

  2. i got hooked on oblivion, but skyrim, skyrim is beyond amazing..but so hard i swear i have it on the easiest setting and still find it ri-diccc! xx