Monday, 28 November 2011

oh you stud

bees bees bees, this is one i did earlier..little blue peter moment for you. Same kinda thing as normal, biro but with a floral pattern underneath instead of the usual watercolour.  Not sure how i feel without a big colour wash but i wanted an almost pattern feel to it.

These are my beautiful babes, black velvet & studs, im sure you all know them...and want them ;). Have to love a bit of topshop, im so terrified to over wear them though, iv heard they wear out quite quickly which isn't surprising seeing as their just slippers but id be crushed if and when they do! Wish i had bought two pairs really but they sold out so quickly :'(
Sorry for the crappy photo, really could use a new laptop..perhaps with a better camera ;).
Im having a bit of a clothes crisis today, its the work christmas party soon and although i think i know the dress im going for im undecided as to whether i can wear fur with it. Velvet & fur? Big yes or big no? & then theres the whole double velvet issue. I swear im velvet obsessed, its hard to see but im actually wearing it right now ;) £14.99 newlook, cheeeaaappp & with my 50% off a frigggggin steal!


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