Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Hi guys, just a quick one to let you know im still here! Iv now got the internet up and running & im hoping to post an illustration or two tonight. Iv been super busy as you can imagine - the amount of actual crap i own is ridiculous!- also to all those who have enquired about me doing some illustration work for your blogs, i am trying to email you all back as quickly as i can to sort out any details but it may be a few more days until i can get fully back into it!
On another note, iv reached the 50 followers mark! yay! Thank you all for following & all your comments, its so nice to see people enjoying my work. Fingers crossed i'll have sometime tonight for more of a substantial post!



  1. I gave you a blog award!
    check it out


  2. I hope you're not too busy! I love you're blog & you're illustrations are amazing :) I mentioned you on my blog today lovely xxx

    1. Not anymore, although im still recovering from all that work, im so lazy! & thank you so much! xxx