Thursday, 9 February 2012

bunny boy

A mish mash of different things im craving at the moment! I absolutely adore the topshop daffodil dress, been swooning since it first popped up on the website, im a big floral fan but iv grown a bit bored of them lately however this daffffooo print is just a little bit special. Both pairs of shoes are a must as soon as payday comes, that is if my conscience can deal with the real leather :'( boo. Also how ridiculously beautiful is the bikini? OH YES. Not that i currently have the body for it but a girl can dream.
- Oh and not to mention Kelly Brooke underwear for newlook, finally bras that will fit! Quite cute styles if not a little 'girly girly' but cant argue with cheap & large cups. winnnnning.
bunny boy! I love this shirt i want boyfriend to get it so bad so i can steal it.

Iv spent the day with my besttt today which has been lovely & really the most enjoyable part of being home, bar the saving. Im planning on a nice romantic day with the boyf tomorrow, however the idea of rainrainrain all day is putting a downer on it, anyone know anything to do that requires little money & can be done in the middle of nowhere....that involves you know, getting out of the house?

pencil & paint
Based on a picture i took from a magazine & added to my scrap box ages ago, i think it as to raise breast cancer awareness so yeah good cause.



  1. Love the pink topshop dress, amazing!! Pricey though

    Marie x

    1. I know, might have to be one for my future 'successful' self! x

  2. That bikini is fantastic, roll on summer! xx

  3. I love everything here!! That grey dress with those black heels: gorgeous!!xxx

  4. So many beautiful items! Especially that pink topshop unique dress! Love your blog btw, definitely following x