Sunday, 12 February 2012


Had my first day at work today, id say it went well if not a little quite, i wore my newlook velvet dress that im sure everyone who reads my blog must think i live in. I don't. I just, well don't own many newlook clothes anymore & felt i needed too.- not gunna lie though i do love it & think its probs one of my most flattering dresses i own. 
I wore it with my orangy/red rimmel lipstick 'kiss me', which weirdly enough is the only rimmel lipstick i own that doesn't dry my lips out to shit.yay
Im sporting my obligatory billion rings on my gypsy hands, i swear the majority of the weight of my outfit is all in the hands. I bought that little topshop cross ring the other day, i know its been around for yonks but i just had never got round to it, £5 for it wasn't too bad i thought...or maybe it was for two teeny bits of metal...ok so not a 'bargin' but i love it. However if your into bargains i picked up my clip ons (bottom right) from truro flea market a couple of days ago for 50p bargain!yeah bargin! I also managed to find about three other pairs for about £1, if anyones down truro way and looking for some clip ons for their virgin ears then theres for sure the place.
p.s sorry for the big bags under my eyes, its been a longgggg day, if anyone knows any miracle cures please let me know.

I have an interview for a second job tomorrow, heres hoping it goes well!

Something a bit different, the outlines are taken from a photo i took of a friend way back when for a college project. 

Early to bed for me, for the big day, going to enjoy my galaxy cookie crumble cheers boyf & watch some documentaries. geeeeeeking out! 



  1. I love the colour of the lipstick!


  2. You pull that lipstick off so well! Love how you write by the way. xx

  3. love the lipstick colour on you - and good luck!!!

  4. Love the colour of the lipstick, looks great on you! Good luck for the interview x

  5. Love this makeup look, your eyeliner looks so pretty!

  6. Wowww I love how you do your makeup! Good luck with the interview, I'm sure you'll do brilliantly :)

  7. love that last photo!x

    sophie @

  8. love the earrings and make up! you look stunning!

  9. Love your lipstick and cross ring! Hope your interview went well.

  10. In love with that tiny cross ring!
    Good luck on the interview!

    Kat // frock&roll

  11. Wow, you are so pretty! Love those rings