Tuesday, 7 February 2012

oh yeah oops

pen & ink. 
Thought id try something a bit different today, its more graphicy- graphicy, not a word oops, than usual but infinitely more fun to play around on photoshop than the norm. What does everyone think? A little too simple looking?mmm maybe!

 Sorry iv been so m.i.a lately after saying i was back blogging! Im such a fail.Iv had a jam packed time seeing old friends & spending far too much time out drinking, my body is suffering badly now, poor poor skin! I never realised how hard it would be to get back into this after a little absence but hopefully im done with that now.  Iv got my new hours at work starting on sunday, im so nervous, its really hard starting a new job especially when i was so comfortable in my old one. boo boo.
Thanks for all the comments on whether or not to get a graze box, seems most people think its not that great but theres still part of me that thinks yeah fuck it, its free!

Im listening to nirvana atm feeling a little bit old school ;) & trying to catch up with all my blog stuff which brings me on too..Iv had some of those blog awards since i started & iv been a bit pants with replying etc so i though yes today is the day!
First of all, every single blog i follow are ones i genuinely think are great & would recommend to everyone, i dont ever just 'follow for follow' so yeah give them a little look, but as for favs atm, regardless of followers etc, basically the top ten ,ok it turned into 11, ones atm that i rush for the laptop 
& have a little click click are:

  • LLYMLRS bit of a no brainer here, you would be hard pressed to find anyone who didn't read this, but just in case, do. Shes always a bit of a winner really.
  • ASHLLYD im a big fan, her style is so effortlessly beautiful & she always has a really nice mix of things to have a little chat about.
  • being little iv loved this one since way, way before i began blogging, shes so cute, interesting & her illustrations are too die for!
  • pocket full of fashion this girl may be one of the sweetest ever, not to mention continuously great style & always an interesting read.
  • By Jaymie wonderful illustrations, if there was anyone im just a little bit jealous of its her.
  • FRENCH FOR CUPCAKE a blog for everyone & anyone, literally never a dull post. Plus shes forever posting delicious looking recipes its a wonder im not always baking!
  • lady liquor vintage easily one of the best blogs out there, full of inspiring little bits & bobs, plus shes a real beauty!
  • The Little Magpie i have yet to see an outfit post im not crazy about.
  • The Red Rosette i don't think theres ever been a time when i haven't read ulrika's blog, couldn't really falut it!
  • I'll just blog it all instead never fails to make me smile, beautifully written, funny & some really great outfit posts too top it all off!
  • chloeHford none stop flow of fashion inspiration for me, this blog is definitely one my bank balance doesn't enjoy!
 so once again thanks for my awards guys i really do appreciate them!

wow bit of a wordy one for me today!


  1. Aweee thank you so much for the mention! You're so lovely miss!

  2. I love your art! Thanks for following me! I'm also an artist too... you've reminded me to get back into touch with art work!
    New follower too :) xx