Tuesday, 17 January 2012


 dress: newlook, ring; h&m
New ring! I never wear rings, which is stupid because i love them. I think their always just a bit of an after though! I also never wear silver, i had a big hatred for it for a long time, but now i literally have no idea how i could of.
This little beauty of a tote bag is one jon picked up for me from shop little shop in the lanes. I LOVE IT. Moustache girl riding a rabbit?yeah sure why not. No idea who illustrated it, but whoever it was, well done.

Florence & the machine inspired one today, i cant get enough of her newest album, iv had it for a while but just re-discovered it & my goodness is amaze. Bedroom Hymns has to be the best thing on there, makes the walk to work just that much more bearable!

- Iv wanted this dress for what feels like an age now. Its from miss selfridge in the petite bit, not that im petite but i think i could manage to squeeze into this little gem if i could ever find it! If anyone has it & wants to sell it or knows anyone who does or has seen it anywhere please, please let me know! 




  1. Dress is so cute!I work in Miss S in Darlington but Ive never seen it!x

    1. I think it was in stores last november so i doubt i'll ever find it :'( x