Thursday, 5 January 2012


pencil & watercolour
I love drawing topknots, i think its the symmetry they give a face.

- My new dress, from ebay, came today! Its lovely but unfortunately a tad too small for my bust. Anyone know any good tips to stretch fabric?- I just really don't want to get rid but atm its unwearable..unless i want to go for that streetwalker bra out look. Which i don't.  Iv been wearing my topshop 'inhibition' lipstick loads atm, its a really nice reddy,purple colour,  my webcam doesn't really do it enough justice! 
- Took a little trip to topshop yesterday to finally check out the sale & found the dress i had been swooning over all summer.- no picture but the one with the cut out sides,the denim looking one, ohhh you know! What a bargain aswell, only £15 & then 10% off for a bit of damage. Bang on it.  
- Sorted out a transfer at work, only a couple of weeks left in Brighton, very sad to be leaving but gotta do what i gotta do! Im gunna take a week off & do all things brighton, crammmmmmmm!  
- Just watched Water for Elephants, what a nice makes me want a pet elephant, well at least go and you know 'meet' one. Im pretty sure that's not the point in the film but still! My one gripe about it, Robert Pattinson & Reese Witherspoon a couple?no.nope. don't buy it. Which is a shame really because other than that it was quite good.



  1. awesome blog girly - you write well and you write exactly what you think... I'm your latest follower - keep up the good work :) You can check me out here..


  2. Thanks for the follow - now following you! :)

    Lovely blog, you are gorgeous!


  3. lovely blog, I've always wanted to try that lipstick, is it good? I've heard good things, but didn't know if it was worth trying it out! Nice one on the topshop bargain, and I have the same problem: bust issues! If you have a solution let me know!
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    franky xxx

  4. Wow, this illustration is awesome!x

  5. Thank you, your all so nice! I'll for sure check out all your blogs! &franky... yesyesyes its amazing, i usually go for barry m but topshop is a deffo contender for the top spot! I think its rare to find a lipstick thats stays & doesnt dry out your lips like so many do, so yeah buy it for sure!