Sunday, 8 January 2012

bear hugs

 upside down girl
pencil & watercolour pencils, of course!

Not a webcam photo! Growth. Tried some full body/clothes photos but the idea of posing terrifies me.
Im wearing my lovely & pretty much unused, by me anyway, vintage faux fur coat. £20 from To Be Worn Again. Not bad, not bad. Still although it was an absolute bargain that id of been stupid to pass up iv got a thing about anyone who isn't on the teeny side wearing full fur- well i know that i end up looking like a bear. 
Went out on sat to see some bands with the boyf then out to vodka revs for a friends birthday so, busybusy! & today iv spent 7 hours playing the xbox, MAJORLY COOL. Gunna crash out early tonight as we've got some viewings for our flat kinda early, 10 - that's early right? I hate having viewings, the idea of strangers coming into my flat & poking around horrifies me, its like someone going through your ipod or phone or something, way too personal.
Oh man the weekend ends way too quickly.


  1. Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog!

    Lovely blog - I look forward to reading your posts! :)


  2. Amazing drawing, it's gorgeous!
    haha 10 is early! I'm so not looking forward to actual early mornings with uni, I may die haha!

  3. woww,your drawing is so cool,you're so talented dear :D