Tuesday, 24 January 2012

free art anyone?

Finished my last day at work :'( emotional.
There was nothing left to do but have a domino's, two for tuesday mmmmhmmm, then take a nap, which is something i seemed to blog about alot on here - just to clarify im not an 87 year old women nor do i have some kind of medical condition, im just that lazy lately!but i don't care.
 Also boyf bought me some ice cream, only to find out that its actually a 'frozen dessert', a no diary, no nuts, no sugar,  vegan 'ice cream'. You know what, its really good! Only like 79 cal per serving, not bad!

  zooey deschanel - pencil
I love zooey, shes beautiful, funny & a great actress. Its no secret that im a massive New Girl fan, for any of you who haven't been blessed enough to see it, then go, get, you know what to do!

So iv had a bit of interest in my art, yay, which is the main reason i started my blog so i just thought id put this out there: 
if anyone wants any illustrations for blog headers, blogs in general or just for laughs & wants this for FREE then let me know! I am more than happy too to do some 'commissions' for free, all i ask is that your a follower & that you credit back. If anyone is interested or just curious either leave me a comment below or email me:



  1. Nice drawing!

  2. I'm actually thinking about getting illustrated links at the side for links to twitter, tumblr etc. for my blog :) I would love it if you could email me; with any idea's you might have or anything :) Thanks!

  3. Quite the artist! Really beautifully drawn!

    The Urban Umbrella