Monday, 16 January 2012


dress: topshop, coat: newlook, fur: topshop, makeup: barry m , necklace : vintage

Whats this? a photo of me smiling? what a rarity! Im wearing my much loved diy coat today, as i do most days. God bless cold weather! I swear i'll be wearing fur all through summer if i have my way. The dotty dress is a go to of mine, little see through but other than that i love it. I think my fav thing about it is that im not restricted to certain colour nail varnish's/ lip sticks, which bring's me onto my love of barry m. So nice, so cheap. This lipstick is one mother bought me a while back, not sure what its called, i call it 'icing', yeah. I don't normally wear light lipstick, i think it makes teeth look yellow.ew. but i was feeling matchy, matchy today with my newly painted nails. oooo fancy-well not really i just don't normally bother, they chip like a bitch at work so i never really see the point!
As you can see the boyf took me to yo sushi today. OH YUM. Im gunna miss that. I was lucky enough to have a 45% of voucher from glamour magazine. Sweet deals. It was so good, i love veggy sushi & the fact that it makes me such a cheap date(with all the veg stuff only like £2.50 tops) is a real winner.

So the reader last night was good. Yay! Recommend a watch, well don't like go out & buy it or anything but if its one, yeah, sure why not. Kate Winslet is beautiful as always & the guy in it is really good to watch, plus the fact he only learnt to speak english for the film is impressive on its own! - not to mention he has a nice bum, worth a little look ladies ;)

 Quick illustration today. Kinda like a nun gone wrong i think.


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