Wednesday, 18 January 2012

sassy pants

the usual

 Iv had a really good day today, you know just one of those days that just kinda clicks. Work was over & done with before i knew it. Tried a vanilla spiced latte, have to say its the bombbbbb. So good. The 10% discount doesn't hurt either, every little helps! New episode of new girl is up & about floating around the internet. SCORE. I love newgirl, a little too much. Im also majorly excited to see Sassy Pants, its got that kid from the sixth sense in you know im going to be good ;) - cheers yahoo news, what would i do without you. & im settling down for the charmed finale with hot chocolate. Doesn't take much to please me these days.

- also watch this space, im getting my scanner up & work soon, promise, so much better quality pictures soon. yay!


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