Monday, 9 January 2012

hush now.

biro & photoshop
 I love old men. So cute, especially in their tweeds with little flowers in the pockets. 
Nawwwwwww. Don't even get me started on little old men holding little old ladies hands! 
So sweet i could die.

Quick'un today, Im having such an old man day today, literally, - & not so much i suppose. I'm sat in my new massive,cable knit jumper courtesy of newlook & leggings eating little vimto strips watching charmed. I know, i know your all in absolute awe of my never ending adventure of a life. 
I'm also feeling a little bit sorry for myself today, had some rather rude comments- although im sure they didn't mean them too be, from customers at work today & REALLY bad skin.oh & my ghd's snapped, wah wah wah. I'm such a moaner.

newlook  - much nicer in real life & clearly needs to be styled better.

I don't normally do jumpers, as i mentioned before i have an 'above average' bust so jumpers just really don't do anything for me, plus im practically always in dresses but this little one was just such a beaut & super cosy, right time right place i suppose! Off out tomorrow night spending far too much as per so probs no post, but thank you all for your lovely comments, much appreciated, ciao!



  1. Your art! It's so perfect! And I'm terribly sorry you had a bad day. Rude people, man! Anyway, I very much like your blog and you are ridiculously pretty, just to put that out there!

    Emily Wears Things

    1. haha thank you, i feel bad for moaning about it now, i read an article that said even reading about someones bad mood can put you in one. unlucky! Thank you so much, its always nice to hear, haha and thank you!