Thursday, 12 January 2012


 what else?pencil & watercolour

 mmmm enjoying a nice night in with some location,location,location - shouldn't watch it really, sends me off on an imaginary house shopping spree, oh yeah £800,000?yeah no probs.pshh, my poor boyfriend & my high expectations.
The little diddy above is just a quicky, still playing around with some different styles lately. Iv found that since starting this blog my style, of which i was so sure of, has been ever so slightly changing which surprises me as like i said i was pretty set in my ways. Cant wait to crack that sewing machine out in a few weeks and add some texture to my illustrations! 
oohhh excitin'.
Yet more views tomorrow! Sighhhh. I mean, im not at all shocked nobody is like jumping at the chance of moving in here, its not great value or anything but id very much like it if someone would so i don't have to be up at 7am to make sure im dressed in time for a group of people to come a pokin!
Im on the hunt for a new dress atm, but the high street is letting me down big time, theres just nothing. Everythings all t-shirts & shorts, which yes is nice but just not me. Anyone seen any dresses worth a mention?if so-



  1. Check ebay stores, it's all new stuff you may find something good on there I've been looking at yet more velvet dresses..x

    1. god i cant get enough of velvet! Such a shame all the spring stuff is already in stores.