Monday, 2 January 2012

whos that girl?

dress, necklace & lipstick: topshop
-man im a walking advert for topshop today

 Happy new year everyone! I don't think iv been this excited for a new year before. 2012 is going to be busybusybusy for me & i cant wait! Iv been so busy lately with packing for the move, iv made little progress though, making a mess is much more my thing than tidying one.
Did a bit of shopping after work today & bought myself guessed it...more topshop. Iv been wanting to pick up this eyecrayon for a while & today was the big day, want a bargin! £3! Couldnt say no really. I also, very spure of the moment, bought some boots. Check these badboys out.
I thought they'd go quite nicely with this little urban outfitters number. £10,cheers ebay.
Not sure if i should keep atm, £36 isn't a bad price but iv also got my eye on these:
 As iv said before i don't normally do heels, wedges i like. Still i have wide feet, like ogre wide feet. Might have to get them just to see though, the reviews look great.

Iv been watching 'new girl' all week online. SO GOOD. Like unbelievably funny, its on channel 4 soon, i recommend everyone to watch it, the boyf even finds it funny ;)


Here's an illustration i did for a 2nd year project i did a couple of years ago. The design is taken from a photo i found yonks ago on the internet, don't know who took it but you can find it if you google shadow dance or something like that. The typography is my own design.

 Harry P's on now so im going to go watch it with some tea!



  1. I have ben watching New Girl online as well! Its such a great show I am craving more episodes already! xx

  2. I cant get enough, its easily one of my fav shows atm. Plus zooey deschanel is so beautiful!


  3. I saw New Girl advertised earlier, can't wait to watch it. Love your style :) x

  4. Thank you! Did you catch it on friday? x

  5. Love those studded boots, they're amazing. Love your blog btw :) x